Curating Groundhogs

Lest you think that the Super Bowl is the only event today, Wiarton Willie will pop to see his shadow before sitting down in front of the tube.  Here’s a “Post from the Past” about Groundhog Day resources.  Will the day lose its excitement for children because it happens on the weekend or will theContinue reading “Curating Groundhogs”

OTR Links 02/02/2014

Half an Hour: Theories Related to Connectivism Theories Related to Connectivism tags: I’m at @TimHortons (Windsor, ON) w/ 2 others I’m at @TimHortons (Windsor, ON) w/ 2 others tags: Printcraft “Make things with Minecraft Printcraft is the world’s first 3D printing multi-player Minecraft server Download your Minecraft models to printContinue reading “OTR Links 02/02/2014”