A Chrome Extension Built for Learning

One of the things that I struggle with is trying to learn via video or blog post as often they’ll contain a link that just sounds so interesting.  So, I’ll follow the link and then try to find the breadcrumbs to get back to the original learning. I’ve finally developed a technique of opening the link in a new tab.  Either right-click (or two finger tap) in the page and select “Open Link in New Tab” or hold down the Command Key and click on the link to force it to open in the new tab.  Both work and then I close the new tab or, more likely, have it open until I get to the point where I have so many open that I’ve forgotten what I was originally doing.

I now have a new option.  It’s a Google Chrome extension called “NiftySplit“. Once installed, it injects itself into the Context Menu as a new option.

So, instead of opening the link in a new tab, I’ll open it as a NiftySplit window!

If I go back to yesterday’s post, I end up with my blog post on the left and the reference page on the right.

Both the original and the reference are on the screen.  Just think of all the times that you scrambled for a second monitor to have a couple of browsing windows open.  It’s no longer needed with this extension.

It’s such a great idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it incorporated in the core browser as it continues to get better.



7 thoughts on “A Chrome Extension Built for Learning

  1. I love this idea Doug! Can’t tell you the number of times I do the same exact thing – come across something as a hyperlink, blog, etc. that I want to access later or want to see where it was connected to and can’t bring it up. May save having to email links to myself….thanks for the great work!


  2. Thanks, Doug. It’s somehow nice to know that it’s just not me. I can even recall a moment or two where I’d opened a bunch of tabs to go back and read later. When I do, I can’t remember why and wonder if there are gremlins at work. This might resolve those moments of insanity.


  3. I don’t know if it’s worth it; I always just open links in a new tab.

    I have more trouble on the iPhone in Safari, because new “tabs” open right away (not in the background). I suppose I could start using the Reading List… na.


  4. You young ‘uns. You’ve probably never walked into a room and then wondered why.

    As for Safari, I’ve ditched use of it on any platform and gone for Chrome and Firefox, and you’ve identified one of the primary reasons right there.


  5. I don’t use the web much on my phone (it’s an iPhone 4, and it’s quite laggy now), but I do surf on the iPad. New tabs load in the background there, so it’s not disruptive.

    Chrome is my go-to browser for everything because of the beautiful customization I’ve wrought, and Firefox for when certain sites balk at Chrome.

    We’ve come a long way from Mosaic and Netscape, eh?


  6. I usually use Firefox, except that I tried to log into a new ‘free’ game but then just as it began to start up it splashed me with a confusing extension and I tried to abort…this was not as easy as clicking the top right corner where the x is. I now have space ships arbitrarily going across my screen and it gives me the option in a dialogue box “press crt + alt etc.” to begin or end game. For this reason I sometimes revert back to Explorer but you bring up a good point, Doug, with the new extension that Chrome has to offer. I am hearing more and more good things about Chrome.


  7. I usually make use of FireFox’s advanced tab tools like dragging and dropping a link to create a new tab. I sometimes end up with a few dozen tabs arranged into several groups that I can later sort through. Trouble is that approach takes up a lot of computer resources to the point that FireFox chews up most of available memory and often crashes. Occasionally the OS even crashes as a result.

    On the surface this seems like a more efficient approach but I am not sure how it would be much different from using bookmarks. I’ll just have to try it I guess. I don’t suppose there’s an equivalent FireFox extension….


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