Yesterday, I wrote a post about influence on social media.  I had my tongue thoroughly planted in my cheek as I typed it and got some interesting reactions to it.   I do my social media stuff pretty much as a hobby.  I’m not trying to influence anyone; just sharing my thoughts at any given point in time.

Klout does try to assign a number that shows how influential someone might be.  It’s interesting reading to see how it’s done.  I suppose that if you were living and dying by the number, you would actively go ahead and work on your score.  Of course, you’d have to do something with it to give it some value.  Where, I’m at a loss – somehow I just don’t envision someone’s resume including a Klout score although I suppose a media savvy employer might check out the score if it was important to them.

In the replies, my friend Alfred Thompson made reference to the Teach 100.  I visited the site and the top 10 when I was there looked like this.


Now, Alfred and I have jokingly had many a conversation about Top # lists.  Often similar to a popularity contest, it’s not unusual to find a high ranking blog that hasn’t been updated for quite a while!  It is what it is.  But, like a train wreck, I had to see if I was there.

If you visit the site, you’ll see how they determine the score for the ranking, if you’re interested.  What I think would be of real interest in the classroom would be to have a discussion with students about what just goes into developing an online blogging presence.  For teachers, it’s a great way to discover new blogs to read based upon some criteria.
For a blogger, it’s an opportunity to bow your head when you finally find yours and see that you’re number 133 on the Teach 100.

To help put things in perspective, Seth Godin had an appropriate post on Saturday.
Measuring nothing (with great accuracy)

6 thoughts on “Influence

  1. This ranking stuff makes me crazy. I find your blog incredibly helpful. You definitely influence what I read and sometimes what I think, but I’m certain that influence can be measured about as well as learning can. Thanks for continuing to blog, Doug.


  2. Hey Doug,

    I found out about Teach 100 a while ago and signed up. I immediately began to have reservations about it. In my opinion there are issues with their system of ranking, but more importantly I realized that all the blogs should be celebrated, similar to what you do on your site and through Twitter. So I asked them to take me off. 🙂

    Thanks for continuing to support connected educators and bloggers in the way you do Doug.


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  4. I was just reflecting about all this measuring and tracking of influence, klout, “social worth” etc. that goes on with social media platforms. But do you think as more and more people are using FB, Twitter, etc., that it will get more and more pointless to measure this influence of some.. of a few? Will we eventually just sign in to our social media sites as we would pick up the phone and interact and connect with people in a random, human and impossible-to-measure kind of way, but in a way that is still purposeful and full of value to each user?

    The odd thoughts that come to you while you are drafting a “futuristic” kind of post… 🙂


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