I Couldn’t Manage a Starship if I Wanted To

But, I’ll confess that I’ve always wanted to.

Jamie Weir retweeted some advice from Jean-Luc Picard

What great advice!

I was curious about the account “PicardTips” so I used the lookup feature on Hootsuite.

Wow, look at the Klout this man has!

What about moi?

Obviously, not even in the same galaxy, out scored 64-56.

Have you checked your Klout?  Do you have more Klout than the good captain?  (Do you care?)

Do you believe that your influence can be reduced to a number?  Do you believe that it matters?  (Again, do you care?)

In the meantime, I spent the rest of the day practicing.





It confirmed to the family that I’ve lost it.

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2 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Manage a Starship if I Wanted To

  1. I’ve checked my Klout score before (less than yours, if I recall), and I read about how they calculate it, how you acquire Klout. There are just some things I won’t do for power. 🙂


  2. I check my Klout score pretty regularly. Probably not a good thing that I do. I’m not sure about these numbers. Not about what they actually mean in terms of real influence. I suspect you have more influence than I do regardless of what Kout says for example. I think that the Teach 100 list is more accurate for blogs than Klout is for all the social media it tries to score. Too much mixing of various things for Klout to really work in real terms.


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