Changing Themes

Thank you for all who noticed that I changed the theme on this blog last night.  I guess it’s part of the reflection process that six years at the same blogging place will give you.  For those of you who don’t visit the blog on the web, you’ll have to visit once to see what I’m talking about.

Every now and again, when I’m bored, I’ll take a look at the theme gallery and see what my blog would look like with a different theme.  It’s sort of like going shopping for new clothes.  As I start to do some reflection, I realized that I’d only ever used two or three themes here.  There was one that had a grassy theme to it and then the one that was online up until yesterday.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I see to recall a third theme although I’ll be darned if I can remember it.

As I was looking at themes, I thought about trends in the industry.  Popular right now is the concept of a flat look to things whether it be web or application.  I smile and think about all the learning that I did with HTML to learn how to hover over, click actions, destinations, etc.  It seems so old by today’s standards!

Now, I’m also mindful of the message that I would give to kids doing website design – don’t confuse design with content!  While someone might visit your site once or two for the aesthetics, they’ll come back over and over if there’s something there to read or be informed.  Hopefully, everyone had enough of my picture of Lake Superior and notice the picture of Niagara Falls that replaces it.

There are a number of things that I was impressed with as I evaluated this theme.  Obviously, it had my attention at green!  The layout itself is very crisp and I like the three columns for content.


I’m a fan of the Arial family of fonts.  The area dedicated to the blogging content is a little narrower so even my shortest posts will look substantial  (Oops, was that my outer blogging voice?) The narrow column will keep me on my toes for any graphics or images that I put in there.  WordPress is good about scaling it to fit but too much scaling can make it unreadable.  But, I think above and beyond all of these reasons what really impressed me is the block allocated to each post.  That nicely frames each post and makes it very clear where one starts and the previous one finishes.

Here is where we are today then.  I’m really liking the looks and the design.  I just hope that I can write content worthy enough to be displayed in the new theme.

I guess three or four theme changes over the course of six years isn’t too bad.

For you blogger/readers, how often do you change your theme?  What do you look for in a theme?  There are so many to choose from; what puts a particular theme over the top for you?



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3 thoughts on “Changing Themes

  1. Thanks for the link back. Pretty cool how you did that. I’m not a fan of the colour you’ve chosen, but the layout of the theme is nice, and definitely easy to navigate around once here. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the link back, it is greatly appreciated. Ironically, the theme you’ve chosen was one of the three I tried, and it ended up being my favorite, second only to the theme I have right now.


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