Answers to Sheila

After prodding from Sheila Stewart, who I had previously tagged in a blogging meme, here are my responses to her questions.

Here goes!

What is your favourite season or month? Share a reason, if you wish.

  • Summer – I love swimming.  There’s nothing better.

Where would you like to travel next?

  • Given the current weather, staying in the Sun Parlor and the occasional dog walk, works nicely for me.

What band/music do you enjoy that you discovered through a recommendation from a person younger than you?

  • Mumford & Sons thanks to my daughter

What do you plan to eat more of in 2014?

  • That’s a tough question.  It depends on the mood and the location.  But, if it’s on the menu, I will order Mapo doufu.

What is your favourite flower or plant or tree?

  • Oddly, I’ve taken an interest in cactus.  A neighbour gave us a cutting once and said “Just stick it in the ground”.  It has now grown to take over that corner of the garden.

What rock or crystal are you curious about?

  • Amethyst (do I get extra credit?)

What was your most memorable grade level in school?

  • Without a doubt, first year of university. Everything I thought I knew about learning was new again.

What book or author are you enjoying lately?

  • My current read is a manuscript from a friend of mine.

Book or movie first?

  • Movie

Sweet or spicy?

  • Spicy with Szechuan being number one on the list.

Why did you begin to blog? Do you blog for the same reason now?

  • I’d experimented off and on but didn’t see the real rationale until a Will Richardson workshop at the Western RCAC.  His dispelled the notion that you blog for one particular purpose and that made things easier for me.  I continue to do that; no rules mean that you can blog about anything that is of current interest.  

Thanks for pushing, Sheila.  It’s just like being interviewed.

4 thoughts on “Answers to Sheila

  1. Thanks for breaking the rules with me! Or maybe this was adding a new rule… working on that post 🙂

    I enjoyed your responses. The Sun Parlor sounds like a good plan! I had to look up doufu to see if it really was tofu. Yes, amethyst might get you extra credit in my area! Cactus or perennials … easy to love both!

    Thanks for the interview!


  2. One of my prized possessions is my amethyst clock given to me upon leaving the OSAPAC Committee. The chair, and good friend, was from Thunder Bay and had started a tradition of these clocks as gifts. Staring at the pattern is fascinating.


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  4. I have a few bowls with various bits and pieces of amethyst displayed/piled around the house, as well as outside in the summer. One could stare for many hours…:) I have given some as parting gifts… a rock without a clock, I guess 🙂


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