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What Will You Do Now?

Last week was Computer Science Education Week.

Many people were involved with the Hour of Code.

If you read the blogs and stories that permeated the media, you’ll know

  • kids had a whale of a time;
  • teachers hopefully made the connections between coding and their regular curriculum;

For me, I enjoyed the Angry Birds activity from

I downloaded and really enjoyed Codecademy’s iOS app.

But, I wonder.  Are things done until there’s a similar push next year?

I sure hope not.

Hopefully, students and teachers have seen the benefits of coding.  Hopefully, school administrators will be supportive of more coding initiatives within their schools.  Hopefully, schools and school districts will recognize the need for solid professional learning opportunities for teachers.  One excellent opportunity is the CSTA’s Annual Conference.  This year’s event will be held in St. Charles, IL, July 14 and 15, 2014.

Let’s hope that people find a way to keep the momentum.  Search and bookmark Hour of Code Resources.  There’s a great deal just waiting to be used.


5 responses to “What Will You Do Now?”

  1. This has been the question floating around in my brain all weekend. My kids loved making French greeting cards. So, what next? I think I’ll try and start an after-school club in the New Year, and we’ll use the site as a base for the kids to explore. It’s a next step.


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  4. The #hourofcode needs to happen more often. It’s become the ‘free time’ activity of choice in my classroom.


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