War of 1812 Floor Map

On Friday, Heidi Siwak posted one of those blog posts that:

  • showed how so much technology could be incorporated into lesson – plus ideas for extensions;
  • led to a terrific resource that needs to be shared.

It’s this terrific resource that I’m going to highlight here.  I think many could enjoy it.

It’s a giant War of 1812 map and made possible for loan from Canadian Geographic from here.

At dimensions of 10.7m x 7.9m, you’ll really need to measure twice before ordering!

The floor map actually comes as part of a kit.  The rest of the kit includes a trunk full of goodies.

  • Teacher’s guide (this will also be e-mailed to you upon the completion of your reservation)
  • Information on the War of 1812
  • Hard copies of all activities.
  • All required materials for 10 activities (see activities below)
  • Media kit (this will also be e-mailed to you upon the completion of your reservation)
  • A hard copy of a press release and background information
  • A list of suggested ways to get media attention

I can think of many classrooms that would be excited to have this resource made available.  In addition to the resources that come with the kit, there are a selection of activities available in PDF format made available to inspire right now.

This looks like the perfect resource for the topic and Heidi’s post provides wonderful further inspiration.  Check it out now.  But, don’t limit your visit to just this Floor Map.  There are a number of other resources that could nicely find a purpose in your classroom.

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One thought on “War of 1812 Floor Map”

  1. This was one of those great connections that you can make through a PLN, Doug. One of the parents at my school, who’s a cartographer with MNR, told @kindergirl73, Nancy Zomer, one of our amazing kindergarten teachers, about these maps, and volunteered to come and help us explore it if we got one. I had been reading about Heidi`s amazing War of 1812 exploration with her class, so told her about the maps and she got right on the chance to book the War of 1812.

    We just had the National Parks map in our building, and it was amazing! The kids just kept talking about how HUGE the country was, and how they had never quite realized that until now. I would encourage anybody to get their hands on one of these – you can integrate so much into them, and the resources are great (and bilingual!)


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