Offers New Girl-Focused Poster

Thanks, Chris Stephenson from the CSTA for this announcement.

====== has just released a new CSEdWeek poster featuring Susan Wojcicki, a Senior Vice President at Google. Forbes has called Wojcicki  the most powerful woman in advertising, and among the 20 most powerful women in the world. Although not a CS major, she took intro CS classes in college. Google’s first office was in her garage. founder Hadi Partovi says that he decided to release this new poster because it’s critical to show female role models to girls to bring them to CS. Showing just images of men isn’t enough.  “Our original posters (Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh) lacked a female, despite our best efforts (we asked all the best known women in tech who surprisingly rejected the opportunity),” says Partovi. “Susan  is a fantastic spokesperson for computer science education, because she shows that even if you don’t major in CS, even if you don’t become a software engineer for life, exposure to the field is important in a world that’s increasingly dependent on technology.”

You can request a copy of this new poster for your classroom at:

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