A World of Pins for GIS Day

Today is GIS Day – Geographic Information Systems.

ESRI Canada wants to know…

The link in the Twitter message takes you to a website designed specifically for the event.  So, I headed over to take a look around.  There’s an interesting interactive map

Clicking on a pin takes you to an event.  It’s quite interesting and fun to click around and see just how many events and who is hosting them at a particular location.  I decided to check out things locally.

Hmmm.  The closest events are either at Ridgetown or Toledo.  There’s nothing really close.  That’s a shame; I would be interested in seeing some GIS projects.

With all of the advancements that have been made in this field, it’s actually quite humbling to think about how many things in our lives that are enabled through the use of GIS.  Visit the ESRI site and take a look at some of what they are promoting.  If you’re so inclined, download the ArcGIS Explorer (it’s free).

GIS is a fascinating field and is one where the use of technology really amplifies what an interested person can do.

How do you use GIS?

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