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November 18 Deadline for CSTA Poster Contest


The November 18th deadline for the “We Are the Faces of Computing” poster contest submissions is fast approaching.  This contest invites students of any age to design a poster that highlights the diverse and creative ways that students do computer science together.  CSTA’s Equity Committee is hosting this contest in honor of CSEdWeek.

Posters can be submitted by elementary, middle, and high schools and there is no limit to the number of posters that can be submitted from each school.

1.     An image of students must be in the poster.
2.     The theme, “We are the Face of Computing” must be clearly visible on the poster.
3.     Students should include creative images that reflect their lives, interests, and experiences with computing.
4.     Poster files must be no larger than 10MB and submitted in .pdf format using online form.
5.     Winners of Elementary School, Middle School, and High School competitions will receive a either three Finch robots or a Lego Mindstorms robot for their classrooms and have their posters published on the CSTA website.
6. Winning schools must be able to provide parental permission forms for all students appearing in their posters.  (The permission form can be found on the CSTA website at


1.     Submit final poster, along with student names, teacher/advisor name, school, city, and grade-level, to form at by November 18, 2013.
2.     Winners will be notified by email and announced during CS Education Week, beginning December 10.

Last year’s winning posters can be found at:

For more information, please visit:


or contact Equity Committee Chair Joanna Goode at


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