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OK, so I don’t handle the time change really well.  I awoke yesterday at the same time but didn’t want to wake up the household (particularly the dog) so I just quietly went about my morning reading routine.  One of the things I read was actually a notification of a new app from

Well that certainly fits into the budget so I do a little more reading…

I like fun. I like it when I get notified of things that are fun.  I’m off to check it out.

It’s a quick download and I head into the apps that are already defined and subscribe to a few services.  It’s interesting to see that many of the services that I read already in another service are already there.  I do subscribe to a couple of them but I find some new ones that look like they might be of interest.

Subscribing to their feed is as easy as finding what you want and clicking on subscribe.  Right off the bat, that appears handy.  The collection of resources to subscribe to are all there in one spot.  I don’t have to go here and there on the internet looking for a read.

So now I just sit back and wait, I guess?

All of a sudden I’m getting notifications on my iPad. Curious, I head over there to see what it looks like and there’s … nothing.

A few minutes later, there’s another notification.  It’s the same one.  And again.  And again.  I head over to the Push account on Twitter and they’re calling it a Zombie script that was causing problems.  Appropriate given the post-Hallowe’en timeline, I guess.

I also see an option to create my own Push App.  So, I do create a private one for my blog.

I’ll keep it private for the time being until I get my head around just what this all entails.  It appears to be early in development.  I try to send a push but there are no subscribers.  Well, that makes sense.

So, I subscribe myself – totally aware of the irony that I wrote the post, I get notification when something is posted anyway…..

I’m told that it’s gone to the queue.  Ah, but there are stats…

So, the notifications have not been sent but, when they do, there will be one subscriber.  (Me, of course!)

I guess now I play the waiting game and see what falls out of this.

There is something intriguing about the application.  At this point, I’ve configured a number of services, including my own blog, and I’m waiting for activity to start.  I’ll let you now when it does!

And there it is…. Notification on my iPad that something is new on my blog.

Also an acknowledgement that I’m not a very patient person.

So the whole process has come full circle.  There is an indication that a WordPress plugin is available, presumably to automate the notification process.

The question now would seem to be…will this serve as a replacement to a traditional RSS notification?  It is more though since you could push out a notification for any change you want people to know about.  All they need is to have the app.  Will people get the app to be part of things?

Or is it going to be for people like me who are reading junkies and just like to test every reader in sight?


Please share your thoughts here. I’d enjoy reading them.

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