Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

Day 3 of any three day conference is always interesting. People throw all their energies into the first two days and come dragging themselves into the event centre for the third day.  Day 3 at #ECOO13 was no different.  Thursday was non-stop activity.  People going here and there; the banquet, followed by the Photowalk andContinue reading “Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13”

OTR Links 10/26/2013

The Mickey Mouse Cartoon Banned in America The Mickey Mouse Cartoon Banned in America– neatorama (neatorama) tags: Closing #ECOO13 Closing #ECOO13 tags: ECOO13 Twitter / dougpete: Make sure you sign into The … Make sure you sign into The Learning Space at @ECOO13 tags: Doug @Continue reading “OTR Links 10/26/2013”

Keynote at #ECOO13

Just a quick post so that I don’t lose track of this image. @pbeens was off to the side and took this fantastic photo showing Amber MacArthur and the audience during her 2013 keynote address at #ECOO13.

Day 2 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

Day 2 of the BringITTogether conference started on a “uh oh” moment.  On Twitter, Kevin Honeycutt, who will deliver the closing keynote announced that his flight from Stockholm to New York was delayed.  Will this mean yet another Plan B for the Committee? If you ever get a chance to work or help out atContinue reading “Day 2 at BringITTogether #ECOO13”