Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

Day 3 of any three day conference is always interesting.

People throw all their energies into the first two days and come dragging themselves into the event centre for the third day.  Day 3 at #ECOO13 was no different.  Thursday was non-stop activity.  People going here and there; the banquet, followed by the Photowalk and then the Jam Session or the Minecraft LAN party.  I’ll admit that I was sound asleep when the Minecrafters packed it in about 1am.

My morning routine was pretty much the same.  I was over to the Convention Centre by 6am and visited all of the rooms to make sure that all was in order.  It was; this place is a stickler for details.  By 7:30, we were ready for the rush.  Well, a couple of people showed up but it was 8am before we saw the influx of folks.  Thursday night must have been great.

The morning keynote was delivered by Jaime Casap, the global ambassador for education with Google.  It took a few minutes but we managed to get him to the point where he was presenting using my computer.  Gotta love Google Docs.  If one Twitter message summed up his presentation, it came from me!

The balance of the day was spent hopping around assisting people with this and that.  We had a debriefing session with the Convention Centre and I had an excellent lunch in the Learning Space.  I didn’t tweet the final picture from the sign up walls.  I hope that Jaclyn does.  They were really growing through the event.

Before too long, we were arranging for drawing door prizes and getting ready to close the event with Kevin Honeycutt.  Kevin delivered a very empassioned presentation about his growing up and some of the challenges that he faced.  The notion that schools by their nature could destroy a child’s passion should not have been lost on the audience.

But the grand finale was yet to come.  From the audience, an adhoc band which had played at the jam session the night before closed the event.

The day, though, was caught very nicely by the audience via Twitter.  Check out the Twitter discussions.

It was a great three days.  Are we ready to do it again?

The new president of ECOO, Mark Carbone, has already blogged about the event.  Check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

  1. Doug,
    I have to add the fun reason why a number of us were late on Friday morning. Several very keen runners and walkers showed up to run with Alana. We got race kits and everything! Off we went, the hard-core bunnies quickly taking the lead, getting to the end point, and doubling back. The middle group finished their run at the funicular around 7:30, with lots of time to spare. Unfortunately, the funicular was not fond of the cold and damp, and the group (including the slow-poke walkers – that’s me) did not get to the top ’til after 8:00. Off for quick showers and breakfast, and on to Day 3. The early birds did not get the worm!


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