Day 1 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

I am tired. But, very happy. There were a few fires to put out at the first of the day of #ECOO13 and I’m convinced that the internet can never be your friend if you’re running a conference but beyond that, what a day! The Google Spot was huge.  I was hoping to be ableContinue reading “Day 1 at BringITTogether #ECOO13”

OTR Links 10/24/2013

Doug @ Scotiabank Convention Centre I’m at Scotiabank Convention Centre (Niagara Falls, ON) tags: Twitter / dougpete: Promethean hanging their laundry … Promethean hanging their laundry in front of their bus. tags: Google Spot at #ECOO13 Google Spot at #ECOO13 tags: ECOO13 Twitter / oaje_org: Presenting #ecco13!!! …Continue reading “OTR Links 10/24/2013”