This Week in Ontario Edublogs

There was, once again, some great reading this week from Ontario Edubloggers.  Lots to think about for me.  I’d like to share some of what I read.

International Day of the Girl

This was actually one of my posts.  I’m not high lighting it in any sense that it was a great post.  What I’d like to do is draw your attention to the video created by senior students at Marlborough Public School in Windsor.

International Day of the Girl

If the video isn’t powerful enough on its own, then take the time to read the background to the video and its production from the teacher involved.  You’ll learn so much more about the school, the community, and the young ladies who put it together.  You can’t help but be moved and inspired.


Who Brings KFC to a Turkey Dinner?

This post brought a smile to my eye.  It brought back so many good family reunion memories.


My mother would cook and cook for weeks at a time with all kinds of homemade goodies.  Our relatives would stop at KFC on the way to the reunion.  Guess what went first?  Obviously, Debbie knows!


Why Are We Looking at This Data?!?

I love this post from Lorraine Boulos.  She helps put the concept of EQAO and students and schools and communities into perspective.  It is so deep in so many ways and describes, in the first person, life with the testing and the realities of Ontario teachers dealing with the test and trying to do their best with the teaching.

I can’t help but think that I was lucky that I enjoyed mathematics and did reasonably well in it nine times out of ten.  I often wonder how I would have done on EQAO tests had they been thrust upon me in my schooling. 

Did I have exceptionally good teachers?

Did I live in a community that was bent towards mathematics?

Did my parents teach me mathematics?

Did I do well because I wasn’t taught to a particular test?




To Change or To Tweak?  Tim Slack asks that question and shares a video to get you thinking about an answer to that question.



Let’s Chat

Louise Robitaille has extended an invitation to join in a Twitter chat discussion about the new Social Studies, History & Curriculum.  If you’re interested, join in and use the hashtag #ontsshg.

Please take a few moments to check out these blog posts.  They are very inspirational and worthy of sharing with others.

You can read the entire collection of Ontario Edublogs here.


OTR Links 10/18/2013

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