Deadline for Session and Workshop Proposals for CSTA 2014 Conference

The deadline for session and workshop proposals for the 2014 CSTA conference on K-12 computer science education is November 15, 2013.

In addition to 3-hour workshops and 1-hour sessions, this year’s conference will include a limited number of 20-minute mini-sessions that focus on pedagogy and best teaching practices.

Proposals for all three session types must include:

·    the names and contact information for all presenters

·     an overview of the session

·     a description of the intended audience (level, knowledge, …)

·     a description of session activity (in sufficient detail for an informed decision)

·     presenter background and presentation experience

All proposals must be submitted through the online symposium submission system that can be found at:

If you encounter a problem with the submission system, please contact Duncan Buell at

All proposals will be peer reviewed and submitters will be notified of a decision in early January 2014.  Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • technical quality
  • writing and presentation
  • relevance to CSTA (focus on K-12 computer science or information technology)

Successful proposers should expect to be asked to submit a reasonably final copy of their presentation by June 8, 2014.

Additional conference details can be found at

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to your attendance at the symposium.


Unsolicited DMs

There are many stories circulating this morning like this one.

Twitter allows anyone to send you a DM

According to reports, this will be an opt-in feature.  You need to go to your settings and enable this in order to let it happen.

I think that this is something that everyone needs to consider carefully.

  • Think of the unsolicited emails that we get regularly
  • Think of the unsolicited phone calls that you get during supper hours when phone solicitors know that you’re home

I attach no value to these.  I don’t open the emails and the phone calls get a “click” before they’re too far along in their pitch.  I just can’t imagine a scenario where I want to open my private messages on Twitter to anyone who wishes to send me a message that way.  I already get plenty of messages with link bait from people who have had their accounts hacked.  Do I really want to add to that?  I don’t think so.

I’m also concerned about mobile where often it’s more difficult to judge the source of the message.  (especially in bright daylight)

Fortunately, the reports are that this will be an option that you explicitly have to enable.

At this point, I don’t see me doing that.

Your thoughts?


OTR Links 10/17/2013

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