Sounding Smart

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the International Day of the Girl. I think that it was really important to promote the absolutely excellent work that these young ladies put into the making of a video and the obvious passion that they had for their message.  However, my post paled in comparison to the reply given by the teacher who facilitated the project.  If you haven’t read her reply, please read the original post and her reply at the bottom.

In it, she spent considerable time explaining how the video was made, why the young ladies were so passionate about it, their commitment to seeing it viewed by teachers, and a considerable demographic of the school community.  Her whole reply reminded me of a Paul Harvey commentary and so I thought it only appropriate to reply to her on Twitter with Paul Harvey’s famous message “Now you know the rest of the story.”  I wanted to make sure that I quoted Mr. Harvey properly and so I used BrainyQuote to double-check the message.

Sure enough, my memory is still mostly intact.

In fact, the Paul Harvey page is full of cards containing some of his quotes.  Each of them are tagged so that you can search for similar quotes with the same tag.  Or, you can just search for a concept or dig into the alphabetical list.

Everyone likes a good quote and they can really enhance a message.  I would suggest that you tuck this resource away for later when you have the need to quote.  It’s a real keeper.

And, if you haven’t taken the few moments that it takes to watch the Marlborough video, please do so.  It will humble you and really make you proud that “the kids are alright”.


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