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A Connected Quiz

Happy Thanksgiving.

For fun today, just a quick little activity.  Jackie Gerstein has created an online activity to test your level of connectivity.  She calls it “What Type of Connected Educator Are You?

It was created earlier this month so the content is pretty fresh.

So, it’s kind of fun and quick to take to determine just what type of connected person you are.  So, what were you?  I know that the excellent, connected reader of this blog will score well.

Hopefully, not this one.

Sure, she says that there are no right or wrong answers.  Although, I would argue that in education in 2013, there are some wrong answers…

Run it a couple of times with colleagues in mind as you answer…

It’s fun.  I could see using it as a diagnostic assessment before doing a workshop on connectedness!

Enough of this.  Get off your computer, find your family, and enjoy the turkey, goose, ham, or whatever lies ahead for you today.



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