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Innovative Initiatives at #ECOO13

The Exhibit Hall at #ECOO13 is huge!  Both the traditional ECOO and OASBO-ICT attendees will recognize old exhibitors and welcome a new group as they tour the hall.  Lunch and coffee, the ECOO Social, and the Learning Space are all located in the Exhibit Hall as well.  Make sure that you add additional time to your day to visit them all.


There’s a new concept you’ll see as well.  This tags nicely onto yesterday’s post about Canadian apps.  Where do apps come from?  From developers, of course.  Where do new developers come from?  Actually, just about anywhere but it can be difficult to get a place to showcase your product to potential users.  #ECOO13 is going to try to address that with a section of the Exhibit Hall reserved for Ontario Startups.  There will be 12 of them and they’ll rotate through the area to display what they have to offer.

Like all of the exhibitors, they want to be able to show you what they have developed so that you can immediately use it in your classroom or share with your principal, superintendent, director, CIO, or teaching partner.  You may even want to suggest that OSAPAC license the product for the province.

ECOO and OASBO ICT also want to support your promotion of these promising innovators.  They will be on exhibit in the Exhibit Hall on Thursday ONLY and you’ll have the opportunity to “vote” for what looks like the most promising product.  The results will be shared with the entire conference on Friday.

Book time in your personal schedule now to visit these 12 and, indeed, all of the exhibitors.


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