More than the Weather

I stumbled across Oraphp and checked it out for my personal use.  I’m fascinated with maps and geo location stuff and this sounded like it was right up my alley.  The only problem is that it only works when the internet provider that you’re connected to reports the right location.  In my case, it put me in mid-Manitoba.  A nice place, I’m sure, but that’s not where I am!

My most commonly used geo locating application is the weather but today I found out even more.

On Friday, I attended a meeting of the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee at St. Joseph’s High School in Windsor.  One of the main topics was planning for the RCAC Symposium.  Sadly, due to the situation with respect to teacher/government last year, it had to be cancelled.  However, it’s full steam ahead for this year – mark your Calendar for December 5 at the Lamplighter Inn in London.

During a break, I happened to have a tab in my browser open to Oraphp so I thought that I would check it out here.  I wouldn’t be using my ISP; we were connected to the WECDSB Guest Network.  Sure enough, it reported the location correctly.

I had to smile when I thought of all of the locations that it could have reported in GMT-5.  We were off by one time zone.  But the rest of the information was interesting, the latitude / longitude had us just a little bit north of where we are.  Here’s where Bing maps would have placed us.

So, close but no cigar.  I don’t think that’s a deal breaker anyway.  After all, I know where I was.  I could see Clover Street from where I was sitting.

Scrolling down, it got more useful to me – although not perfect.

Using the location, it pulls from Twitter the latest Twitter messages from around the location.  I did a couple of refreshes just to get a screen grab and you’ll undoubtedly notice that there are a few errors in there.

But there’s enough in this utility that I’m going to bookmark it and keep it around for future reference.  I’m thinking in particular, if I’m in a new place and want to see what’s going on around me Twitter-wize that this might be very helpful.

OTR Links 10/05/2013

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