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Goodbye Entertainment Pages

This is a very cool, useful utility that I hopes grows and matures just a bit more.  More about that later in the post.

It’s Saturday night and you’re wondering where to go.  Who’s playing in the local bar or in concert?  Well, you could look in the entertainment pages of the newspaper or go online and check one venue or another until you’ve got them all…

Or, you could use DeliRadio.

Just give your location and you’ll be presented with all of the entertainment that it can find within your driving distance.  Now, when I first ran the program, I was disappointed.  The default is 15 miles and all of the locations were from Detroit.  It’s not that a trip there is out of question – I know that there are venues right in the city.  So, I tried again and extended the reach to 125 miles and it did pick up London.

So, it appears that it’s not just United States based.  You’ve got to believe that there’s lots happening in Toronto.


The results returned give you the name of the act and their home.  The next column lets you know the venue and the date where they’ll be playing.  That’s all very handy.

Then, it does get better.  Select the act and then the play button.  By selecting the artist, you’ll get a list of all of the upcoming performances.  By pressing Play, you’ll be able to hear them to see if this is something that works for you.  That beats reading the entertainment pages for sure.

There’s a great deal of “internety” that’s going on here.  First, this is a spectacular use of geo-location technology.  And, of course, there’s just the serendipity of finding a new artist previously unknown.  It might become your new favourite.

Let’s move to education.  I can’t help but think that a similar approach would be great to discover place and locations for student field trips or speakers who wouldn’t mind coming and working with students in classrooms.  How many opportunities are lost because you just don’t know what’s available?


Please share your thoughts here. I’d enjoy reading them.

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