This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It was another week of inspirational posts from the fingertips of great Ontario Edubloggers.  There’s always a wide variety of content and posts ready to keep you thinking.  Way to go, friends.  Here are a few of the great reads that I had a chance to enjoy.


Self Portraits
Augmented Reality for International Dot Day
Dot Day 2013

I’m going to bundle these posts from Debbie Axiak and Colleen Rose together just due to the fact that they’re all visual arts related.  Two of them were reports about Dot Day and what it looked like in their classes.  I’m so clearly not an artist in this sense and I have nothing but awe for those who do have the gift.  In these posts, they share some of the techniques and final productions from their students.  Absolutely awesome stuff.  I really like the fact that they’re sharing all of this with whoever happens to drop by their blogs.  I hope that you’re one of them.  There are some wonderful products showcased.






On the Tip of Their Tongue – Use Audio for Assessment and Evaluation



Zoe Branigan-Pipe takes on the challenge of alternate strategies to the pen and paper assignment.  Ever the artist herself, Zoe makes the connection with audio and multimedia as the answer.  I’ve learned so much just talking with her about the use of the Livescribe pen.  That’s one of the strategies that she offers in the post.  Thanks to her, I always have mine in my computer bag and will use it when computer note taking (my preferred method) isn’t practical or convenient.

This is a very good read to help expand your thinking about options.


How Do We Make It Personal?

Aviva Dunsiger alerted me to her administrator’s blog yesterday morning.  I checked it out and added it to the ScoopIT! page and LiveBinder.  After checking out the posts, of course.

The latest post “How Do We Make It Personal?” really defines the teaching condition.  I like the comparison Kristi draws to dealing with her own children compared to a class full of students with differing needs.



I think we all know that one size doesn’t fit all.  I admire the goal of finding student choice and voice.  If you’ve got the answer, drop by her blog and let her know in the comments.  And, please cc: me because I’d like to know too.


School Leadership, Parent Engagement & Change

Tracy Bachellier takes some of the work from her MEd program.  She wrestles with:

  • leadership and management
  • change and culture

and manages to weave together a pretty insightful discussion about progress, always with school improvement and student achievement in mind.  She’s not naïve enough to think that it stops within the walls of the building and asks about the impact of school districts and school boards.



She draws inspiration from some posts from Chris Wejr and provides those links to extend her thoughts.  It’s pretty cool that Chris drops by and shares a comment to her post.


Thanks to these (and others) for continuing to blog and share your thoughts.  It’s just great reading.  Please visit their blogs and give them support.  The entire collection of Ontario Edublogs is located here.  If you’re blogging, please complete the form provided there so that I can add you to this wonderful collection.



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