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Who Do You Want to Meet at #ECOO13?

If you’re coming to join us at #ECOO13 in Niagara Falls in October, please don’t expect a fancy paper program.  We don’t play that game!  We’ve done everything online, electronically.

With the joint ECOO / OASBO ICT program, we have two people who are doing their best to keep you in the know as to what’s offered and where.  The entire program is online using the Lanyrd service and our particular conference is at  Sadly, and as is common in all conferences, there are the occasional cancellations.  Had we opted to go with a printed program, there would be inserts and signs up indicating that something has changed.  Here you just access the program and you’ve got the latest.

In fact, for the conference, I would strongly recommend that you download the Lanyrd app to your tablet or cell phone.  That way, you’ve got the entire program in your pocket.

Yesterday, I was using one of the features of the Lanyrd app and I realized that I have a problem.  Normally, when I go to a conference with a paper program, I’ll circle the sessions I want to attend.  With the Lanyrd application, you just tap on the sessions that are of interest to you and it’s recorded.  Later on, I’ll just open the app to see what’s next and then I will realize – that because there are so many good sessions, I’ve scheduled myself into 3 or 4 a time slot.  This is going to be a big to-do for me; I need to whittle the choices down so that things are manageable.

But there’s also another neat feature of Lanyrd that I’m hoping that folks will use to get the most from your three days in Niagara at the conference.  You can go through the program and indicate which people you’d like to meet.  They get a notification and this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.



And again, I have a problem!  I want to meet all of the presenters!

I’m hoping that this will be possible with the meals served in the Exhibit Hall and all of the social events that are planned.  I’m going to the Comet concert, eating at the dinner event, doing the Photowalk, and coming back to the social to enjoy what I learned during the photography opportunity.  Hopefully, I’ll have some good pictures on my camera.  I’ve got it and my tripod already to go and look forward to learning from the skilled  photowalk leaders.

It’s also going to be interesting to visit those who want to meet me.  I see the Kings are there; they’re really wonderful people although Tim’s picture from his days with the Blue Man Group is a bit freaky.  At this point, I’m also looking forward to meeting Karen Lirenman and Sean Kelly.  I hope that this list continues to grow as we get closer to the event.  (and people who don’t know about the feature now do and start to use it)

As I write this, we’re down to a month before we Bring IT Together.  I really hope to meet you there.


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