OTR Links 09/15/2013

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

1 thought on “OTR Links 09/15/2013

  1. Regarding the link on what’s trending, sad to see Transparency trending down. It’s not just in education either. I think, as a people, we are becoming a tad too laid back regarding public practice and policy.

    On the ten-trends link, while I certainly agree with the choices there–all of the ones cited certainly are appropriate and relevant–there was no mention at all of the technology infrastructure needed to support the applications. Perhaps this is to be expected since it was the users that were queried so they would focus more o the applications rather than on how they could be implemented and supported. Still, though , with that aspect not out there it’s unlikely that many of peoples’ visions will come to pass.


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