Cloud at #ECOO13

In Ontario, like in many jurisdictions, there are two popular cloud solutions that have made their way into the classroom.  ECOO is proud to announce that both of these solutions will be at the ECOO Conference to meet with Ontario teachers and provide professional learning opportunities.

On Wednesday, LearnStyle, an Ontario company will provide a full day of learning opportunities for those who are interested in Google applications.  They are calling their program Google Spot.

Meanwhile, just down the hall, Microsoft Canada’s Education team will host its own day of professional learning.

ECOO is excited to have opportunities for educators interested in one or both of these leading web solution.

Why do we feel this is so significant?

Certainly, the opportunity to learn the mechanics and the “how to” is important.  A full day learning with experts in their field cannot be matched.  But, that’s really only part of the story.

Using web solutions is just part of the story.  After all, Ontario educators have been using office suites since Appleworks and WordPerfect were licensed for use in all Ontario schools.  Look also to these sessions to get at the “why”, look at the opportunities to collaborate online, understand how global projects work, and most importantly make connections with other Ontario educators so that your learning can continue long after the conference.

Armed with the learning from the Wednesday workshops, go forward to make even more connections and get ideas from other educators on the Thursday and Friday of ECOO.

Complete program details including how to register for #ECOO13 are available at the conference site


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  1. Excellent reminder about the ‘why’ Doug. So often we overlook the why, especially when learning/showing something new. But if we don’t understand (or explain) the why, then the how shouldn’t matter.


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