First World Problems

Recently, I read this post.  Middle-class Problems — People on Twitter overreacting about small annoyances [15 pictures]

Like most people who read the post, I just shook my head and thought – what a bunch of dweebs.  That was after the first couple.  Then, I went back and looked at the messages and paid attention to the images in the background.  Geesh.  This confirmed it.

I try to keep my things positive and upbeat.  Dwelling on the negative can be so draining.

But, if I ever was about to complain about First World Problems in my life, Friday would have been the day.

First, I started out with my usual shoutout to Ontario Educators on Twitter.  I started this a while ago when it was much easier to automate the process than it currently is.  Now, people look for it so I feel a desire to keep it up.  It only takes a few moments and I’m usually watching the morning news and multi-tasking.  The first task is to start with a #FollowFriday – Active Ontario Educators – Then, I select all so that I can paste into the next messages and save myself the time.  Oh the horrors when you make a mistake and then copy/paste it a few times.

In the middle of this, I get a message from my friend Aviva.

What’s she talking about?  It was just fine when I proofread it Thursday evening (yes, I do occasionally proofread…) and made some changes.  My lifelong fear, in being online and reading a variety of things, is that I’ll forget the difference between its and it’s or their and there and they’re.  I thought the post was okay and good to go and was so impressed with the collection of back to school blog posts from Ontario Edubloggers.  I flip over to my “sent messages column” and sure enough, there’s no announcement that it’s out at its usual 5:00am time.  Quickly, I open WordPress in a new tab, log in, and then it’s forehead slapping time.  Somehow, I had changed the posting time.  It was set to 9:38pm.  That would have been the time of my last proofread.  I change that and the post is live.  Thanks, Aviva.

Once this is done, it’s time for a dog walk.  Normally, I just grab the iPod that I got for a gift for doing a summer workshop for a school district and the dog and I hum and sing our way down the road.  Now, it’s just a 2GB device and I’d been using it for a while and had decided earlier to refresh the tunes.  My procedure is to wipe everything and then ask iTunes to randomly pick tunes from my library and then I’m good to go.  Unfortunately, I only did the wipe everything part.  After the dog and I took the recycling out, we were at the end of the driveway, I put my headphones in, pressed play and — wait for it — nothing.  I had to walk without music.  Instead of losing myself in the music, I saw the sun peek over the horizon and then go up to start a glorious morning by the time I got home. I said hi to the kids waiting for their bus.  I noticed all the people, including a police officer, who drive while holding a cell phone to their ear.  I saw such a wonderful ménage of colour looking at the neighbours’ red and blue recycling bins and the bright packaging of things inside.  If I had a camera, I could make art.  I talked to the older gentleman down the road who was coming out to get the morning paper.  I saw the soy beans that are well on their way to ripening.

So, those people in the original message don’t hold a candle to the First World Problems that I do.

But, you know, it’s time to put things into perspective.  If that’s the worst of the problems to plague me, I’ve got a pretty good life.  Plus, I’ve got all of you wonderful people who have hung in to the very end of this post.  Who could ask for more?

3 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. I remember a day in 1991 when I was an exhausted mother of two babies who couldn’t shower because the pilot light on the hot water tank blew out and there was no hot water. As I cried in self pity, images of the Kurds, who had fled to the hills to escape persecution, drinking and bathing contaminated water flashed across my mind. Not one of my proudest moments, but certainly a reminder to keep perspective!


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