What Computer Science Students Can Learn From Candy Crush Saga

I’ve got to take a break from Candy Crush Saga.  I’m banging my head against the wall on Level 79.  I need to do some new thinking in order to solve this level, I think. I don’t play a whole lot of games on the iPad but this one caught my eye.  A friend ofContinue reading “What Computer Science Students Can Learn From Candy Crush Saga”

OTR Links 09/29/2013

Doug @ Colchester Harbour I’m at Colchester Harbour (Colchester, Ontario) http://t.co/SVrMl7ceEw tags: via:packrati.us How to Walk | Leadership Freak How to Walk http://t.co/tl6qVLne28 tags: via:packrati.us Doug @ Pat Thrasher Park I’m at Pat Thrasher Park http://t.co/n5gzUuqtDG tags: via:packrati.us Is Ubuntu really an alternative to… Is Ubuntu really an alternative to Windows? http://t.co/Gk405St4Qb via @Trapit tags:Continue reading “OTR Links 09/29/2013”

Fix the Right Thing

On Thursday, Gary Stager shared this post: “LA officials may delay school iPad rollout after students hack them in a week” That brought a smile to my face.  As long as there have been students and computers and IT Departments, there has been this sense of good cop / bad cop. The good cop spendsContinue reading “Fix the Right Thing”