Terms of Service

I really enjoy engaging with others online.  There’s so much that need to be learned.

Yesterday, I had one of those moments.  I had written a post about justdelete.me and my thoughts about how it could be used for more than the purpose that you might first think.  Doug Belshaw from the Badges branch of the Mozilla Foundation left a recommendation that I take a look at the Terms of Service; Didn’t Read website.

As it would happen, I had written on a similar topic earlier this month.  “The Most Ignored Click“.

The site is full of fascinating reads.  The project’s goal is to rank web services from A-E (or very good to very bad) based upon the details in the terms of service.

As I noted in my post, and it’s the gist of this site, who reads these terms of service?  Even more, at home the installer of the software should know the legal details (yeah, right) but do the kids who use the same computer and the same software even have an inkling?  How about at schools?  If your IT Department images your computer, in theory one technician reads and understands the legal parts and assumes that for everyone that uses it!

So, I can see some real value in a project like this for those of us who aren’t legal scholars and just want to use the software.

Take a look through the site and see the highlights of your favourite software vendor or online service.  It really is an interesting read.

I think that the biggest issue that pops out at me is the ability to change the terms and conditions at any time.  It seems to me that it makes agreeing to that particular condition is a futile exercise.

Thanks, Doug, for sharing this site.  It really got me thinking today.


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