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More than Deletion

I’ve been following the web interest about the Just Delete Me website for a while now.  It seems to have created some real interest among those who have taken a look at it.

The concept is pretty simple.

Common website are rated by their ease for deletion.  These range from EASY to IMPOSSIBLE.

Showing “more info” digs into the specific web resource’s details for deleting your account on the service.  The title of each resource links you directly to their deletion page, if it’s possible, or to their rationale and/or suggestions for minimizing your footprint on the resource.

I wish that this had been around years ago.

  • It would let you make an intelligent decision about whether or not to subscribe to the service;
  • It would let you make informed decisions about whether or not to use the site with your students;
  • It just might stir up a frenzy against those services that won’t allow you to delete yourself and ultimately turn into a web standard.  Or, maybe it’s a good thing that you can’t delete it and someone else claim it and “become you”?

It also serves as a launch pad to other web resources that you might now even know about!

If you haven’t stopped to think about this, perhaps this is the chance to do so.  Virtually every web service requires an email address during the registration process.  Which one do you use?  Many web email services off a free service.  Have you created one just to easily manage all of your registrations?  Or, does all of the correspondence get mixed into the middle of your regular email?  Does that bother you?

If you only read and think about one website today, I’d suggest that you take a look at this one.  You can’t beat a service that makes you think!


3 responses to “More than Deletion”

  1. Hi Doug, I’d also recommend you and your readers check out

    ““I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.”


    1. Thank you, Sir. That was a good read and interesting to play around with. I learned a great deal.


  2. […] I had one of those moments.  I had written a post about and my thoughts about how it could be used for more than the purpose that you might first […]


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