Blogging: A Case for BYOD

I wrestled with the title for this post because it’s not easily implemented.  Please bear with me.

If I could only sit down at 10:10am in the morning and blog, I don’t think I’d ever get anything done.  Blogging is something that’s done when I get the chance to have a few quiet moments by myself.  Even then, it’s seldom that I sit down and write a post completely from beginning to end.  I’m not even sure that “blog” is what I ultimately do.  It’s more like “assemble”.

I’d hazard a guess that over half of my thoughts that eventually end up as a post are spawned during a dog walk.  Jaimie and I get out at least three times a day and as we’re walking down the road or through the park, he’ll say “Why don’t you blog about this?”  Usually, he’s right but I’m nowhere near a keyboard.  My 10:10am would occur when we arrive back home and he’s in the back yard.  By the time I’m sitting at the keyboard (if I can get to it), I’ll have forgotten what I was going to write about.  But fortunately, once I have received the inspiration while we’re walking (or he’s investigating the bushes), I can make a few notes on my phone so that they’re not lost when I get home.

“I come up with the ideas”.

I had a chat with a friend of mine who teaches in the Junior years and he was questioning the value of blogging for his students.  They were scheduled in “the lab” or they “got the laptops” at 10:10 and he really wanted to blog.  He saw all the ties to his Language Arts and Social Studies program.  There was no question about that.  The question was making the process worthwhile both in terms or time and quality.  These are great concerns of his – he wants to make every moment count.

But as long as the “blogging time” evolved around allocated computer time, time really becomes the enemy.  You know the drill:  travel time, logging in, fixing a computer that’s not booting correctly, classroom management, getting started, different keyboarding abilities, …

Fortunately, he is progressive and allows his students to connect to the wireless in the class so that they can “Google Stuff” when it’s needed.  To be honest, he does more than that but the “Google Stuff” was the first thing that came to his mind.

So we talked about what else could be done with the student devices.  Brainstorming, mindmapping, beginning a post, search for copyright friendly images and videos, proofreading, … the ideas just kept coming.

Now, we all know that this doesn’t just happen overnight, you don’t just flip a switch and the magic happens and it’s not nearly as easy as that for complete success.  However, he’s excited about the concept of doing all of this before ever getting near the computers during his alloted time.

He also noted that the timing is right for this thinking.  With classes starting shortly, there’s new routines and times to be learned.  He’s planning on making blogging a significant part of the new year by changing his approach.

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