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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Check out some of the great things written recently by Ontario Edubloggers.

Twitter Power

I’ve always figured that there are two kinds of Professional Development.  One is where PD is done to you.  In that case, you’re forced to be there; it’s done during the school day with someone else covering your classes after you’ve provided a lesson plan.  The other type of PD is self-directed where you really want to be there for the learning and the connections.  Often, this type of PD is held during the summer or after school on your own time.  The difference is that you really want to be there.  Peel DSB recently held a summer learning experience and Debbie Axiak wanted to be there!  And, she blogged about it too!


It Takes A PLN…


I’m jealous.  As far as I know, nobody has ever illustrated one of my Twitter messages.  But, Andrew Campbell had it done to him.  Check out the blog post to see the entire image.

ECOO 2013

Angie Harrison and Jocelyn Schmidt will be presenting a session at the ECOO 13 Conference.  I’ve written here a couple of times about their “We Can See Project”.  It’s amazing how they’ve engaged their classes with others across the globe!


Zoe Nailed It

I promised myself that I would include this reference to a blog post of my own earlier this week.  After an announcement circled in social media about a resolution, Zoe Branigan-Pipe wrote a very detailed post about how she’s used cell phones in here classroom.


It’s a great post and really worth sharing with your colleagues.


When you read Angie’s blog post, you’ll noticed that she’s placed a badge on her blog.  All of the ECOO presenters have received a badge just for this purpose.  As you read posts from Ontario Edubloggers, look for them.  They’re the awesome educators that will help make ECOO 2013 an incredible event.  Look for them!

Also look for the Ontario Edublogger badge – mine is to the right.  If you’re an Ontario blogger in education and want a customized badge, just let me know.

Please check out the blogs above.  Support for their blogging efforts is so important.  You can check out the entire list of Ontario Education bloggers here.

6 responses to “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

  1. I was fortunate enough to attend #TLDWPeel and it sure did not disappoint! My PLN has exploded!


  2. Thank you Doug for reading my blog and for highlighting some very interesting blogs to read and follow. After reading Angie’s blog post, I took some time to explore the ECOO 2013 Event pages and I’m going to figure out a way to get myself there for at least one day. It sounds like it will be incredible.

    I also want to thank you for all that you do to encourage, promote and inspire all of the great educators in Ontario and around the world.


  3. It will be great if you’re able to join us, Debbie. It’s a wonderful event of learning with other Ontario educators. We’re working very hard to provide social opportunities to meet with others and enjoy what Niagara Falls has to offer.


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