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Resources for the Fall – and Beyond

All over the province planning and preparation is happening for the 2013-2014 school year.

Some folks will have the same teaching schedule this year as they did last.  Some folks will change grades or change subject areas.  Some folks will be setting up their own classroom for the very first time.  It’s an exciting time for everyone.

It’s always a time to look for teaching resources.  Whether it’s a way to enhance what’s been taught in the past or whether it’s looking for new resources or new approaches, the search for quality materials is never-ending for the educational professional.  My philosophy has always been that you can never have too many resources to choose from.  Fortunately, in Ontario, there are some spectacular resources to help the cause.

OSAPAC Learning Resources

The computing using teacher will love this collection.  The Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee advises the Ministry of Education which software to purchase provincial licenses for.  To support the successful adoption of these resources, check out this grid.  Location the subject area and grade level to find the number of resources that have been correlated.  Follow the link to download and use the resources immediately.

Ontario Educational Resource Bank

As Ontario’s learning object repository, the Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) offers a growing number of free digital learning resources to teachers and students, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. There are thousands of resources, including units, lesson plans, activities, maps, and interactive learning resources.
Login / Password required.

Cube for Teachers

Unique, innovative, and truly cutting-edge, Cube for Teachers is an interactive database created exclusively for you, the Canadian K-12 educator. With its simple and user-friendly design, The Cube is progressively changing the way you store, share and search for your teaching resources.

I had previously blogged about Cube for Teachers here and here.

Curriculum Services Canada

Some of the resources listed here have been developed by CSC in collaboration with our clients. Others have been independently developed by clients and have been recommended by CSC through the Pan-Canadian supplementary learning resource evaluation process. Still others have been developed by certified teachers through a grant and mentorship program sponsored by CSC’s original charitable arm, The Curriculum Foundation.


OurOntario (English) OurOntario (French) – moving beyond search We’re really excited to announce this latest version of – moving beyond search to a more social and interactive site. Discovery is now much more fun! View your search results as a wall of images with the Cooliris plugin, or see results in Google Earth. It’s very easy to share search results with your friends or colleagues by using the social bookmarking tools (Facebook, Digg, Delicious, etc.). We’re also outputting data in a number of formats for those of you who want to mash up the data. Check out our features page for a complete list of new features. It’s all part of our goal to ensure that what we do makes it easier for you to discover, share, socially connect, and create – because that’s what telling our/Your stories is all about.


Don’t forget your subject council.  The Ontario Teachers’ Federation lists all of the members of the Curriculum Forum on this page on their website.  French version here.

Maybe it’s time to start your own blog or wiki to share what’s working for you and your students.

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