Pinterest for Teachers

Just in time for back to school….

…Pinterest announces a focused area just for teachers.

Currently, Pinterest for Teachers features 19 boards for


If you’re a regular user of Pinterest anyway, this would be another resource to add to your collection.  If you’re looking to collect or refer colleagues to online resources, this would be a good starting point.  The boards are, at this point, maintained by educators and that’s a good thing.  It should ensure quality related pins and also maintaining the boards to weed out dead links.

It looks like a good concept and I hope that it takes off.  By its nature, Pinterest is very fast and its visual approach so appealing.  It’s just a matter of finding an intriguing interest and then clicking and going.  There are collections like this all over the internet but, for the most part, are text oriented.  Pinterest combines text content with a visual preview of what you’re likely to see when you go there.

Give the board a shot and see what you think.  If you like it, pass it along to your fellow teachers as they prepare to hit the ground in a few weeks.

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