What’s in a Minute?

There's a pattern like this every morning. Daily, I try to write a post that is scheduled for 5:00am.  I use dlvr.it to post the announcement to Twitter.  See the image below.  And yet, @Marisa_C grabs it using Twitterfeed and manages to announce it one minute before I do. It happens every morning... It's little … Continue reading What’s in a Minute?


27 Reasons Why You Just Might Read This Post

I supposed that it's the goal of every blogger.  How do I get more readers?You can have all kinds of images, a great message, lots of video, and still not show any growth.I've found the reason.  You need lists!This morning, I was reading the Blogging category on my Zite reader and there were lots of … Continue reading 27 Reasons Why You Just Might Read This Post