A Bunch of Maps

So, it’s Sunday and you’re having a morning coffee.  Well, at least I am.

Before the Sunday news commentary programs come one, maybe you need to get up to speed on your world Geography.

From the BoredPanda blog, check out “40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You in School”.

It’s pure humour and some of the maps may be inappropriate for some so consider whether you want to click through or not.

On the other hand, if you’re curious about “The World According to Americans”, you might enjoy this.


For the record for my American friends, I have never trapped anything and I don’t wear fur.

2 thoughts on “A Bunch of Maps

  1. It is Sunday, and I’m drinking some green tea… and totally loving the maps. I keep re-reading them and giggling. Thanks for sharing the smiles!


  2. Thanks, Colleen. Every time I take a look at them, I see something I previously missed. I must admit that my favourite was the one showing countries not using the metric system.


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