Too Noisy

Under the category of “I dunno about that”, comes the “Too Noisy” app.

With a slider to control the sound threshold, the concept is to set a suitable noise level for the classroom and let the app monitor what’s happening.  Once the noise level exceeds the threshold, you’re alerted.

Now, how do I test this?

It’s shortly after 5am at dougpete labs, my wife and dog are sleeping, and the only sound that I can hear is from the cardinal outside welcoming the sun and the news on television.  You’ll see from the time on the screen captures that I took the high road and didn’t do the testing until they were up.

I set a much higher threshold and gently increased the volume on the television until I did set off the alarm.

Then quickly turned it down before I got into too much trouble!

My first two reactions were:

  1. I could just picture a few of my former students who would view this as a challenge to see if they could make the alarm go off;
  2. In the computer science classroom where collaboration is so important, I’d actually be disappointed if the noise level wasn’t high.  It’s the sound of great ideas and arguing over algorithm development.

Do we need an app for this?  What do you think?  Does it have a place in your classroom?


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