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I do have a certain level of expertise with the image editing software that’s purchased and on my computer.  As I look into the ol’ crystal ball, I really do wonder how long that particular skillset will be of value.  After all, so much is readily available for use within your web browser.  Just get connected, use the service and away you go.

I’ll acknowledge that I’ve yet to find a web service that has ALL of the features of my local editor and yet, when I sit back and seriously think about it, the only time that I’ve used the complete set of my locally installed product was during the evaluation of it.  For day to day use, I might so some things like putting a frame on an image, add text, select an area, crop a picture, apply an effect, use a magic wand, etc.  So, while I won’t be deleting my local application in the near future, is the appropriate web app the best way to go?  For today’s youth with their Chromebook or other web enabled machine, do they need the full-featured package?  I don’t know.

So, it was with that mindset that I explored Picadilo, a Flash web-based application.

Look at this handsome devil.

I hit the Picadilo website to play around with him.  Make sure that your browser hasn’t disabled the features of Flash to use the effects.  You select an image by uploading one or by connecting your Facebook account for the images.

In the editor, he looks like this.

As you might expect, the image manipulating tools are along the left.  You’ll see Tools, Effects, Text, Textures, and Frames.  I took some time playing around with most of them to see what I could do.  That’s what I do when I check out a new application whether it be local or web.

We live in a quick image editing world for most people.  So, if I wanted to x-ray the dog, it’s just a click away.

I just find it amazing at what all can be accomplished within a browser.

What do you think?  Will an image editor in a browser suit your needs?  Is a hybrid of both a better solution?  Or will you remain dedicated to your locally installed editor?

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