Ongoing Learning

It was a Sunday morning and I ran SocialBro just to get an idea of where I stand with Twitter relationships.  It’s not that I live and die by it but I was also watching the Formula 1 race from Budapest and it was something to do during commercials.

I have a tendency not to do a great deal of maintenance and tidying up until I get a mood on.  If it wasn’t such a promisingly good looking day, this might have been a day of maintenance.

As I was looking through the relationships, I noticed that I’m following a lot of accounts that don’t follow me back!  Just a sampling…

I guess I’m just not that interesting.

I’m going to have to try harder!

But then, I realize that’s only a small part of my learning story.  I do value the contributions these accounts provide.  They were originally followed because they are a source of information.  They post; I read; I get smarter.

Extra value of doing what I do on Twitter comes from another screen.  This is but a small snapshot of accounts with which I have a reciprocal relationship.





They post; I respond; I post; they respond; I get a LOT smarter.

Therein lies the value and what keeps me coming back daily.  Thanks, recips!  I appreciate the ongoing learning

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3 thoughts on “Ongoing Learning

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with twitter. There are some orgs that I find useful to follow and often do get good stuff there. But LORD!!! the sheer volume of noise in there!


    1. I still recall a comment from a prof years ago – the best tool you’ll own for the future is a sophisticated BS detector.


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