Quick and Easy Polling

There are a number of options, software, and even hardware options available for polling.  My focus would be for polling in the classroom and I think it’s crucial that a poll is easily created, deployed, used, and results displayed.

A couple of years ago, three of my student teachers had a placement where the teacher wanted to use mechanical devices to create a simple poll.  The three of them laboured over the software and hardware and couldn’t figure out to make it work.  But, they had to do something…so the first time they just had students put their heads down on their desks and hold up a hand with the number of fingers representing their polling option.  One of the students walked around and recorded the results.  Hardly high tech!

Later in their placement, they decided to do another poll and this time took more control.  Rather than the hardware solution, the students each had access to a laptop and so a Google form was the answer.  While they had to learn how to create on the fly, it wasn’t a huge leap for them, and they had some success.  The students enjoyed the experience and so did my student teachers.

Recently, I found an even easier way to create and poll on the fly.  Straw Poll just does one thing – it lets you create a poll and use it right away.  In fact, it’s so well designed, you could actually create the poll displaying the work on the class data projector live and then just use it.

Of course, I had to test it.  If I can do it, anyone can!  The poll is live and I would invite anyone who wants to, to take the poll.

Creating the poll was very straight forward.  Just create the question, enter the polling answers, you have two options for your poll, and then create it.  Straw Poll provides a link to your poll – just share it and let the polling begin.

The results are instantly available.  Results are summarized by percentage of option chosen and a pie chart demonstrating the results as part of the whole.

There’s also and embed option should you wish to include it into your class wiki or webpage.  The whole package works as promised and is very quick.

Bookmark this as part of your teaching toolkit.  You’ll use it – whether live with a class – on your class wiki – on your school’s website – anywhere where you need the ability to ask a question and receive responses.

And, you can take part in the above poll at:  http://strawpoll.me/275582

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