Why Infographics?

Below is one of those resources that I just want to hang on to so I’m posting it here on the blog.

I’ve read so many differing opinions about the value and use of infographics – my purely unscientific observation is that the detractors are few – it appears that many love a good inforgraphic.  In the video, the argument is put forth that infographics are the new Powerpoint.  Hmmm?

I do find it a terrific way of summarizing and displaying statistics and connections on a particular topic.  In the classroom, there’s a definite use to introduce or consolidate a topic, print and display on a bulletin board, post to a class wiki, or my favourite, assign the creation of an infographic as one of the culminating activities to a unit.

The video below supports these notions.  It does include a number of statistics to support the argument but, sadly, doesn’t cite the reference for them.  So, I would be careful about using this as a scientific argument but your spidey sense will probably agree with them.

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