Minds on Media at #ECOO13

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario once again is proud to announce that Minds on Media will be an option for  attendees on the Wednesday workshop day.  Imagine an environment where your curiosity leads your learning through various stations where you have some of the leading Ontario educators there to fuel that curiosity.  BYOD and learn with your new friends.  The sessions don’t start with the statement “Here’s what you’ll learn” – instead it’s the question “What are you curious about today?”

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Take control of your learning and walk away with some new skills immediately applicable to your classroom.  Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the “minds” behind Minds on Media – Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen.  If you missed it, the interview is stored here.  Learn about the philosophy behind the event and how the concept of pedagogista drives the day.

I’ve had the opportunity to act as pedagogista for Minds on Media a couple of times myself.   This is a unique learning experience not to be missed.

The complete #ECOO13 program may be viewed on Lanyrd here: http://lanyrd.com/2013/ecoo13/

Register for #ECOO13 here:  http://www.cvent.com/events/bring-it-together/event-summary-e02f22e3d9144718a73faba35000266f.aspx

Imagine a room full of teachers who are experts in playing, learning and teaching with technology. What could you learn from them?

That is up to you! Visit one of the ten centres or visit them all! You might be an absolute beginner or a whiz with technology – but this is about using new technologies with students through a ‘tinkering’ lens. You choose your ‘entry point’. Build your own plan for the day, be led by one of our facilitators or pedagogistas or have no plan! Learn what you need to know to play deeply and thoughtfully with your students this year!

When we speak of ‘tinkering’, we are blending two constructs:

  • physical tinkering and construction of artefacts
  • cognitive tinkering – with ideas

What Minds On Media Centres are at ECOO this year?

Create More, Consume Less: Creation apps and effective use. Angie Harrison,York Region DSB: @TechieAng

Tune In To Learn: Broadcasting with your Students – Aviva Dunsiger, Hamilton-Wentworth DSB: @avivaloca

Rock Your World: Creating in Garageband for iOS – Royan Lee , York Region DSB: @royanlee

Inquiry Science: Tinker. Play. Think. – Colin Jagoe, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB: @colinjagoe

ArcGIS – online & mobile: Mapping & Geography – Peter McAsh, Avon Maitland DSB: @pmcash

The Sum of the Parts: Constructing and Capturing Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics – MaryKay Goindi, Upper Grand DSB: @MKGoindi

Playing with Media Literacy – Michelle Solomon, Neil Andersen, Carol Arcus, The Association for Media Literacy: @msolomonteacher

Introducing Kids to Computer Programming. It might be easier than you think … David Scott Upper Grand DSB

Building a PLN (Personal Learning Network) – Tim King, Upper Grand DSB: @tk1ng

N00bing it up in Minecraft: And how it relates to school– Liam O’Donnell, Toronto DSB: @liamodonnell

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