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Google SPOT at #ECOO13

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario is proud to partner with LEARNStyle to present a full day, intense series of workshops dealing with Google Apps for Education.  The sessions, led by Google Certified Educators will delve into all aspects of using Google Applications in your classroom.  Sessions will be offered in both French and English.  Pick from the sessions offered to tailor your own professional learning needs.  These sessions are ideal for educators interested in using Google Apps for Education in the classroom.  We know that many were unable to attend the recent Ontario Google Summit and that a large number of school districts have adopted Google Apps for Education recently.  This comprehensive program is for you!

The complete #ECOO13 program may be viewed on Lanyrd here:

Register for #ECOO13 here:

Google SPOT: A custom-designed Google Apps for Education Program

Google SPOT is a three-tiered program designed by LEARNstyle to introduce, engage and build skills around Google Apps for Education. Participants will gain foundational knowledge and specific examples of how Google Apps for Education can impact and bring excitement to their school boards, classrooms, and professional lives. Tailor your learning experience by choosing the workshops that best fit your classes and lesson plans!

Tier 1, Keynote: DJ Cunningham – CEO LEARNstyle

The Google SPOT keynote will showcase the power that Google Apps for Education has to support your teaching, through the innovative use of collaboration, cloud computing and apps.

Tier 2: Hands-on Foundation Course

This hands-on foundation course is designed to provide you with the core skills you will need to make Google Apps for Education a reality in your classroom. Participants will receive a practical hands-on introduction to Google Apps for Education, guided by 3 of LEARNstyle’s Google Certified Trainers.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and learn about Google Apps for Education with our hands-on interactive instruction!

Tier 3: Breakout Workshops Participants in these breakout workshops will have the opportunity to tailor their learning to suit their personal preferences. Choose from the following 8 Google SPOT workshops offered in 2 time slots to enhance your learning with Google Apps for Education!  Two of the sessions will be offered in French!

Break out sessions 1

1.1: Google and Accessibility presenter, D.J. Cunningham

1.2: Google Next Steps for Certification, presenter: Joe Carsdale

1.3: Using Google for Formative Assessment, presenter: Teresa Greco

1.4: French Topic TBA, presenter: Lize Galuga

Break out sessions 2

2.1: Making Videos with Youtube in the Classroom, presenter: Jen Daniels

2.2: Workflow, the Google way, presenter: D.J. Cunningham

2.3: Must have apps & extensions, presenter: Joe Carsdale

2.4: French Topic TBA, presenter: Pierre Sarazin


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