The Search for a New RSS Reader

The search continues.  It’s interesting to see the folks that are still finding out today that their beloved Google Reader is no longer an option.  If you go to the Google Reader site, they do offer some alternatives.

In fact, they direct you to where you will find a goodly list.

Another source for alternative products can be found at:,29653017#alternatives

How are those for alternatives?

But, the best source is to turn to the public and get their input on what works.  A blog post from Anil Dash titled “The Golden Age of RSS” was very interesting.  In the middle of the post, you’ll find a list of over 100 web based RSS alternatives suggested by the crowd!  From a simple start, people just kept adding ideas!

But read his comments.  I like his point – we don’t need another RSS reader.  He talks about the need for a blog reader instead.  I agree.  Like I said in yesterday’s post about Noowit, I appreciate a reader that finds new stuff for me based on a concept.  And yet, I do want to continue with the principles behind RSS reading.  I want to be loyal to those bloggers who have inspired me over the years and I want to visit them when they post new content.

The saga continues.  What does the future hold for us in the realm of online reading?


3 thoughts on “The Search for a New RSS Reader

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  2. For now, I’m primarily going with Newsblur (paid subscription)for my RSS, and I’ll continue using Zite and, as well. I’m having two issues with Newsblur, though. First, the web version still seems to be slow and a little wonky (that said, the iPad app is working beautifully). Some of my feeds don’t arrive til much later than they should. The second issue is that the service isn’t very well integrated with social tools (twitter, FB, LinkedIn, buffer, Diigo, or G+). I’ve found ways around this on both my laptop and my iPad, but it would be nice to share from within the tool itself. Have you found any services that you really like?


    • Zite and have been great in the past and will be still there going forward. I also use Rockmelt and now Noowit. I have each configured to bring slightly different content so there’s a minimum of overlap.


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