Don’t Let The Good Stuff Go Away

This is another “Post From The Past” that is very appropriate given that we’re approaching the end of the school year here in Ontario.  You and/or your students have been blogging all year.  Will you just abandon your efforts?  Or, will you make a copy of it to save, use as an example, email to parents, give to students to keep, or use for any other of a myriad of purposes?

BlogBooker is an awesome service.  It will take the entire contents of your blog (with a little work) and create a PDF file that you can tuck away or otherwise repurpose so that you don’t lose the effort that went into it’s creation.  Here from August 22, 2010 is my post “To do more with your blog“.

Hey, you might even want to turn it into “A Flipping Blog“!


Yesterday, George Couros asked for a little input through a Twitter message.


My first reaction what that this might be a step backward in the goal of integrating technology for students.  After all, if you have a blog, why would you want to revert to a newsletter format?  In its simplest format, it could be a paper document that’s sent home to parents.

But then, I started thinking.  There are a lot of reasons why it might be desirable to have a blog in newsletter format.  Some that immediately come to mind are:

  1. Not every parent has internet at home for any of a wide variety of reasons;
  2. The blog might be private with only student access for privacy concerns;
  3. Access to blogs might be blocked at school but the teacher blogs from home;
  4. The principal of the school wishes to have paper generated for whatever reason;
  5. The blog might be part of a project where a culminating document detailing everything is desired;
  6. The blog is reset for a new year or new unit or
  7. You just want a copy of your blog in another format …

Yes, upon further review, I can see where there may be reasons for a blog to be in a different format for a specific use.

I think that the other thing about a solution would be that it needs to be easily re-purposed by a teacher to the differing format.  Typically, blogs have considerable effort in their creation and who has the time for yet another creation?

I then thought about BlogBooker.  I had blogged about its use in the past here.  At that point, I was thinking about using it as a way to create a backup for a blog or a permanent record of thoughts.  I’ve actually used it to create a couple of backups of my entire blog.  It works very easily when I want a book of everything (including the graphics and pictures that I embed in posts) but would it do the trick on a more flexible basis?

The procedure is pretty easy.

  1. Export your blog content from your blog  (it’s in XML format but most people wouldn’t care or need to care about the format);
  2. Upload the content to Blogbooker;
  3. Wait a minute of two;
  4. Download your book in PDF format.

Conceivably that PDF could be filed away for posterity or printed if it absolutely had to be.

But, what about content of a shorter duration?  I never really paid close enough attention when I did the steps above to see if it was customizable.  So, I went through the process and actually paid attention this time.

Now, I use WordPress as my host and so went to my dashboard and the export tool.


Well, I’ll be.  There are configuration options!  I can set a start and end date.  In terms of the content, I could choose just the posts or all content.  I’m thinking that just the posts would suit my needs best.  Click on the “Download Export File” button and it’s on my hard drive.  That was easy.  The only limitation that I could see was that the export was done month by month.  Probably not a big issue as the newsletter might well be a monthly one.

Now, it’s over to BlogBooker.

Step one is to let BlogBooker know what type of Blog this comes from.  It supports WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal.  That’s a good selection.  Then comes the WOW moment.  There are a huge collection of formatting options for the output.  The preferences are customizable for any purpose.  I elected NOT to use “Footnoted Links” because my blog entries have a great deal of links in them.  If the ultimate goal is to send it to a printer, then you’re not going to want each entry on a separate page, I hope.


Give BlogBooker a few moments and voila!  There’s the nicely formatted book in PDF format that you can download or view right in your browser.  I really like the fact that I could customize further the start/finish dates of the publication and the images are intact.  I really like the concept and it was so simple to do.  Plus, the headers and footers put a nice finishing touch on the whole product.

It even includes pumpkin shirts!


Thanks, George, for the question and the opportunity for me to revisit this very powerful application.  Thanks, also to Aviva and Peter for keeping the conversation going.



8 responses to “Don’t Let The Good Stuff Go Away”

  1. Maurice A. Barry Avatar

    It’s also worth pointing out to all wordpress users that from the dashboard, specifically TOOLS then EXPORT the server will give you a single XML file that can be used to replicate your wordpress blog on a different server. I use it for a different reason: if my blog ever gets compromised through some malicious attack, I can just restore it back using the last export. Getting that file only takes a minute or so and is something every blogger should do from time to time.


    1. dougpete Avatar

      Maurice, you sound like you’re speaking from experience! I don’t do the XML export often enough. Wish the process could be automated.


  2. Lisa Noble Avatar
    Lisa Noble

    I had seen a couple of posts about this sort of thing lately, and forwarded some to my son’s teacher, because their class has blogged quite a bit this year. This was one.

    I like the idea of making the blog accessible for parents who don’t have Internet access (which is certainly a reality in my building).

    Thanks for the great reminder of a tool that I hope to use in future.


    1. dougpete Avatar

      Glad you found it helpful, Lisa. I think it’s a concept well done.


  3. adunsiger Avatar

    Doug, this post came at exactly the right time. I’m looking at ways to archive my Grade 6 blog before next year, so that I can start fresh with a new group of students. I wasn’t sure of the best option, and then I saw your post. Using Blog Booker would allow me to post a PDF of the information that I could share with parents, while also deleting the initial content so that I can begin again.

    Thanks for giving me a great option to explore! You saved the day again. 🙂


    1. dougpete Avatar

      Thanks for the kind words, Aviva. It also serves as a quick and easy way to show student writing for presentations, parent interviews, etc. The sky’s the limit.


  4. Ron Millar Avatar
    Ron Millar

    Pumpkin Shirt

    Doug. I’m going to get you for posting the photo of me in the pumpkin shirt. 😉 Thank goodness, I’ve lost 40 lbs since that photo.


    1. dougpete Avatar

      I’d almost forgotten about that shirt until I went into the original post. Quite a contrast from the other man in black next to you!


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