There’s so little time to get everywhere, see everything that using technology is so helpful.  360Cities is one of those tools and this does a spectacular job.  Using it is a snap but I’ll warn you, if you’re geographic discoverer, this will keep you occupied for hours!

After visiting the site, find one of the areas that catches your interest.  Mars?  London?  Prague?  Or, do what I did and check out the world map.  Immediately, you’ll see little icons that indicate that there is a 360 Panorama at that location.

I decided to do a little promotion for what you’ll have the chance to experience at #ecoo13.

I zeroed in on the Niagara Peninsula.


There was so much distraction but I showed mostly will power and focussed on Niagara Falls.

By selecting it, I was presented by this beautiful panorama.


There is an option to generate an embed code but wordpress.com filters out iframes.  Follow the link below and go to the live image.


So, if you’re going to #ecoo13, how close to this will you be?  If you spin the panorama around so that you’re looking behind you, you can actually see two of the conference hotels!  Details to be determined but the photowalk and the fun run with Alana will go right by here!

Back to the site…right click on the panorama to see a number of different lenses applied to the image.

Then, zoom out and start to explore places in the world (or your neighbourhood) that you’ve always wanted to see.  You’ll be so impressed.


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