Digital Footprint

Given the time of the year, I thought it might be nice to dig up this post from the past. The original post makes reference to Tagxedo which was nice because of the “footprint” display. As you know, there are all kinds of other alternatives – Wordle, ABCya, WordItOut, and Tagul come to mind.  The cloud is nice but the key to this activity is the analysis of what the students have created this year.


How’s this for a digital footprint?

Efforts created by Tagxedo and content scraped from this blog.

As we head into the last weeks of school in Ontario, I’m thinking that this would be an interesting culminating activity for students to do in their own context.  If you’re blogging with students or creating any kind of online digital content, have them create their own digital footprints and then analyse what they’ve created this past year.


6 thoughts on “Digital Footprint

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  3. Hi Doug, Found your post today. I am a fellow educator, just starting out on blogging. Like your comments on digital footprint. And the picture. We need to continually consider what it means to have a digital footprint, to connect and communicate across our wonderful world, but to do so in a way we are safe. Cheers, Julie


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