Design Your Own Tattoo

I’m sure this is not what the developers had in mind but it was my first impression when playing with Weavesilk. That doesn’t look too painful, does it? I played around with the web version and was really intrigued.  There also is a version for iOS. For the doodler, it’s a fun little gadget toContinue reading “Design Your Own Tattoo”

OTR Links 06/05/2013

Rockmelt What’s Different in Canada – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: Rockmelt Starbucks is reportedly dominating mobile payments in North America – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: Blogging While Walking Around | doug — off the record Randomness pointed me to this post from the past. tags: 25 WaysContinue reading “OTR Links 06/05/2013”