The Browser I’ve Always Wanted To Use

On my computer, I’ve always kept the latest copy of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, and Opera – depending upon the computer.  It’s not nearly as important now but years ago, it really was important to test your webpages on different browsers as they can render things differently.  There’s nothing I find more frustratingContinue reading “The Browser I’ve Always Wanted To Use”

OTR Links 06/02/2013

Rockmelt Art in the Park breaks record – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: Rockmelt How and why to teach your kids to code – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: Rockmelt Angles Lesson – Design Your Dream Mini Golf Course – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: Rockmelt – viaContinue reading “OTR Links 06/02/2013”