Writing Posts

It's been a week of reflection and thinking about being better about blogging for me. Successful Blogging A Source for More Reading and Analysis I'm going to finish it off thinking about individual blog posts after reading this post. 11 Quick Tips for Writing Compelling Posts on Your Blog From the post, here are the … Continue reading Writing Posts


OTR Links 06/01/2013

Rockmelt Foldify - via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/XhBFTwUXhx tags: via:packrati.us I'm at Kings Navy Yard http://t.co/EHnixMmRvK I'm at Kings Navy Yard http://t.co/EHnixMmRvK tags: via:packrati.us Anatomy of a Blog Post – Part 2 | Headway Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Builder @colleenkr http://t.co/Bakzuuy0yO tags: via:packrati.us 7 things you can do to make Internet Explorer more secure … Continue reading OTR Links 06/01/2013